Monday, 29 June 2009

Day 9: Hebden Bridge to Leeds

Back in the saddle.

Up to the old Acre Mill site - a Cape factory that has been described as one of Britian's worst industrial disasters. Asbestos processing began in 1939 with the manufacture of gas masks. After the war production switched to a variety of asbestos related construction and insulating products.

Hundreds of former Cape workers locally have succumbed to asbestos related disease and cancer. Even through the factory closed in 1970 and the main buildings were demolished by 1979, the deadly legacy of Acre Mill continues to affect the health of local people.

We should never forget the legacy of Acre Mill.

Our journey continued over the Pennines then along the picturesque Leeds Liverpool canal to Armley - home of the former JW Roberts factory. The environmental and occupations scandal of this T&N subsidiary was uncovered by the Court of Appeal in the mid 1990's.

The cast from the Yorkshire Playhouse production of "Dust" greeted us in Armley.

more to follow...


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